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                        Fragrance Tips For Men 

                                        A helpful guide to effectively wearing cologne.

                       Every man should know the way you smell is great first impressions. 


From the desk of Joey Beanz Little

Ceo/Founder of Beanzatti Damone

Fragrance tips for men

One of the most neglected aspects of style is scent; quite unfortunate, considering the sense of smell is most substantially associated with memory. The purpose of a fragrance isn’t to hide the hideous body odor that emits from your pores, but rather to complete the overall package you are presenting as an individual.

You can change someone’s perception of you just by the way you smell.

Whether you are wearing a custom suit by Beanzatti Damone or a pair of Gucci shoes, the cologne you are wearing should match accordingly. This is a brief introduction into the world of fragrances and why you should look into purchasing a bottle.

When you smell cologne for the first time, you are most often reminded of an emotion tied to a memory. Often times the feeling brought on by a cologne can be quite nostalgic, other times it can be seductive, and sometimes even repulsive.


Applying your cologne immediately after a nice, hot shower will maximize your efforts. After a hot shower, your pores will open, capturing the scents of your cologne. This will help keep you smelling great all day, whereas applying cologne to dirty, un showered skin will run you the risk of smelling like a middle school locker room. And nobody wants to relive that era all over again.

Also, while we’re on the topic, it’s worth mentioning that combining the scent of your cologne with strong scented soaps, deodorants and body washes like Axe or Tag are not recommended. The strong fragrances of these hygienic necessities will either completely cover up that fine cologne you’re using or alter the scent of your cologne altogether, making it rather pointless. A fragrance-free or light-scented soap, deodorant or body wash is recommended in order to allow your cologne to work with you rather than against you.


Cologne enthusiasts have several fragrances to suit each occasion. They’ve armed themselves with these scents to persuade the result of a scenario in their favor. They will have one for work, one for dates or nights out, one for special occasions such as meetings, interviews or weddings and one that captures their personality; an individual smell known as a signature scent. It is very much worth noting that the cologne you wear to the office may not always be the best cologne to wear to a night club or lounge. If your goal is to simply wear a single scent on a daily basis, shoot for a more uniform fragrance that fits your own personal style. Through my research has a great list of cologne types fitted for specific lifestyles.


Absolutely. Wearing a fragrance will not only make those around you more receptive to your actions, but will additionally give the wearer self-assurance; it will give the wearer confidence and a boost in ego. Wearing cologne can give you a much-needed kick-start, and it can even make you feel euphoric.

Receiving a compliment on a fragrance will give anyone a boost in confidence that they will remember forever.



When putting on a fragrance, remember not to over apply. How much should you apply and where? This is a very subjective question but a good rule of thumb is to start off with 1 – 2 sprays on the neck.

When testing a fragrance, it’s always useful to apply one spray onto the wrist. Smell it throughout the day. If it’s faint, you will know how to apply it when wearing it fully. If it becomes too cloying you can wash it off. Make sure to apply the scent on the main pulse points – wrists, neck, back of the elbows and even back of the knees – this will ensure the greatest longevity and sillage. If you like the scent but are afraid it might be overpowering, one spray to the back of the neck should be fine.


Everyone’s skin is different and most of the time a fragrance will not smell identical on two different people.

The longevity is how long you can smell the scent upon application. Some scents will have a beautiful smell but after about 3 hours they become non-existent. The sillage is the projection and the scent trail. If you are choosing a fragrance for work, the last thing you want is a fragrance with a monster sillage. They can become cloying and you will bother your co-workers.

But just because a particular fragrance has a reputation for having surreal longevity and sillage doesn’t mean you will get the same results from it. Everyone’s skin is different and most of the time a fragrance will not smell identical on two different people. This is why you should always spray the fragrance on your skin when testing it out, rather on the scent strip they give you at the store. 


Of course! Lastly, remember to be mindful of what you’re putting in your body. Drinking, smoking and eating certain foods can have a negative impact on your scent. For instance, if you’re heading out on a date, it may not be the best idea to gorge on fried chicken and french fries while pounding beers and smoking cigarettes. Spicy foods such as Indian or Thai as well as garlicky foods may not be the best idea either. These substances can mix with your cologne as you perspire throughout the night, making it pretty difficult to keep the date moving forward, guarantee a second date or seal the deal for the night.

In essence, colognes are like fine whiskey’s. There’s a varied selection of great colognes, each with their own distinct sensory profile. Not every scent is going to be suited to your own personal style, so what’s important is to pick out a couple of great smelling colognes, preferably a light one and a full-bodied one, that will help to establish you as your own man. Try a few different samples, see how it mingles with your natural odors and enjoy.

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