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Project Upgrade: Michael Kors Edition

Project Upgrade: Michael Kors Edition
Michael Kors

Michael Kors

You can always count on Michael Kors’s clothes to deliver high-fashion polish at a humane price. And you can always count on Michael Kors himself to say exactly what he’s thinking. So we teamed up with the sharpest mind and tongue in fashion and found five real city guys who needed a sartorial lift

His net worth is over a billion dollars. He’s dressed Beyoncé and FLOTUS, become a household name on Project Runway, and emerged as the king of “affordable luxury.” But what is Michael Kors doing on a Tuesday night during Fashion Week? Talking about why men’s clothes have never been better. He should know; he’s finally planning his first menswear store.

“I might look at a photo of Steve McQueen or Warren Beatty,” Kors says. “But re-creating those clothes makes a man feel like he’s in costume.” Kors believes—and we agree—that you can now get screen-idol style without sacrificing the one thing we all value most: comfort. “Clothes have trim, flattering silhouettes again,” Kors says, “but they’re lighter, easier, more comfortable. The fabrics stretch and move. Even if it looks heavy, it’s not. Those days are gone.


“People talk about how casual men are now,” Kors continues. “But if you put on a great watch, a fabulous pair of sneakers, and a great pair of aviators, it’s clear you care.” So the challenge we threw at Kors was to take five dudes with so-so style and transform them into modern Beattys and 2014 McQueens. The result? They look like a billion bucks.

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